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  • When are practices?
    Practices are at the coach's discretion. All of our coaches are volunteers and have jobs/families/other obligations outside of Pilsen Athletic League. We do ask our coaches to keep their parents informed of practice days. In general, they are 1-2 times per week and held at 1 of the fields at Harrison Park.
  • When are games?
    We don't have a set schedule for the games just yet as we have to share Harrison Park with other sports/school teams. Once our registration is closed and teams are organized, we work closely with Harrison Park to coordinate our game schedule. In general, if there are games during the week, they begin at 5:45pm. If games are held on the weekends, they occur anytime between 10am-4pm. There are occasional "night" games that begin at 7pm but those are usually for the older divisions.
  • Is there a discount for registering more than 1 child?
    Yes! Come out and see us in person in the Harrison Park field house every Saturday 10am-1pm through March 9th and we will give you a discount! The amount for the discount depends on the number of children you will be registering. Questions? Email us at
  • Can I register my 3yr old?
    If your child will turn 4yr by May 1st, then yes they can play! If their birthday is after May 1st, then they will have to wait for the following season (we do offer baseball during the fall season too). There are a few reasons why we don't budge on the cut-off age but the number 1 reason is SAFETY! We want to keep our little ones safe and don't think its best to have a 3yr old playing up against a 6yr old; there's a chance they might get hurt.
  • Does my child need to buy their own equipment?
    Each child needs to buy their own glove. Coaches have spare helmets and bats that the team can share but if you prefer for your child to have their own then you are more than welcomed to buy them.
  • When does my child get their uniform?
    Uniforms will be provided about a month after registration closes. The uniforms are given to the coaches who then distribute them to their teams individually. Please make sure you order your child's correct size- once the order is placed, you cannot exchange their uniform! Not sure about the correct size? You can either size up or email us at, we often have sample sizes that you can see during the registration period.
  • When will I be notified if a game is cancelled?
    We try our best not to cancel games but unfortunately the weather does not always cooperate, when this happens we do our best to notify the coaches of cancellations by 3pm the day of the game.
  • Can I choose what team my child is on?
    The short answer is no. If your child has never played with Pilsen Athletic League before or they are entering a new division then your child must enter the drafts. We try to keep the competition fair amongst all the teams so we evenly split children with more experience/skill across various teams for that same division. However, we can place siblings on the same team- just let us know!
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